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If you look for it, you can find it.

"CERCA TROVA". This word is read in Italian as "Cerca Trova". Translated literally, it means "if you look for it, you can find it." Regarding the painting hanging at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, "Leonardo da Vinci's phantom mural" The Battle of Anghiari "is hidden behind the mural of Vasari in Hall of Five Hundred. It is said that it was written in this painting so as to hide it as "CERCA TROVA" at the beginning. Vasari who painted this mural seems to be a follower of Da Vinci, and he seemed to feel guilty about hiding the mural of the genius, hoping that "someone in the future will surely find it." , It is said that this sentence was written.


"Solve the local issues by renewable energy"
verde energia aims to build sustainable renewable energy and local communities with the philosophy of "Solve the local issues by renewable energy!".



Forest biomass power generation
Dry methane gas
Import and sale of trailers for agriculture and forestry
Small hydropower (low head)


Effective utilization of abandoned bamboo grove x Regional revitalization & employment expansion
Forestry automation x Cost reduction & efficiency
Small biomass power generation x Cost cut for house cultivation
Planning of thinning business x Resolving resource reprocessing problem



TERI Two Stage Gasification

TERI Two Stage Gasification

The Energy Research Institute (TERI) is “global think tank” based in India. TERI has developed Two Stage Gasification in technical collaboration with DTU (Technical University of Denmark). In the Two Stage gasification method, the carbonization and pyrolysis zones where tar is generated and the reduction zone, which is a high temperature region, are separated. This two-step process further enhances the degree of tar decomposition. The greatest feature of this device, which has been improved by TERI, is that it can generate electricity using "bamboo" as fuel, which was previously impossible. We would like to introduce this device as a solution to the problem of abandoned bamboo grove in local mountain area in various parts of Japan.

Methania DRY Biogas

Methania DRY Biogas

Methania is a Tunisia-based venture company specializing in biogas and cogeneration. DRY Biogas (dry methane fermentation) is an anaerobic digestion gas containing organic solids containing up to 25% of dry matter in an airtight closed fermenter. This device forms high quality biogas with high methane and hydrogen sulfide content. Organic solids such as agricultural waste and cuttings can be used as fuel. In addition, there is no need to install a large-scale aquarium tank, and the container method makes the storage space compact. Furthermore, since it does not use a large amount of water, there is no need to spray waste liquid. From these, it will be a compact biomass facility suitable for the livestock business in the local areas in Japan.

Vahva Jassi

Vahva Jassi

Vahva Jassi Forestry trailers are imported from Estonia, where forestry is thriving. In Europe, forestry trailers such as the Vahva Jassi are connected to agricultural tractors and ATV buggies for mobility on narrow forest roads where large aircraft cannot enter.




Vahva Jussi


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